Hope is not a strategy. Hoping those in need will medically and magically repair themselves, will be able to save themselves from affliction, will find the way on the lonely and foggy road to salvation is not a strategy. The strategy is to have both moral courage and a heart for the innocent through vision, through action. Gen One Ventures team members, friends, colleagues, corporations and institutions have united together to raise over $10 million dollars in the past decade for various organizations focused on finding the cure, protecting the innocent, saving a life. We are proud to participate together to give back to the communities we do business with across the globe. Below is a small sample of giving through photos to wallpaper our determination, to continue with our brave and important mission to always help, together.

Hope For Education

Jon Bon Jovi Gives Back At CES

Giving Back NBC TV Interview
with Joey Reynolds

Giving back through The Four Seasons of Hope

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