Eat Less, Sell More!

I confess to skipping breakfast and lunch for over 30 years through an assiduously rough and tumble sometimes sales disappointing, sometimes sales inspiring consumer electronics market place. I also confess to arriving to work each and every day no later than 6:00am for the same 3 decades. Those that know me will testify to my disciplined style of business living. For those that don’t, please take the word of the New York Times. 

Why perform this way? Because like so many of you I work through a business world of perpetual sales rejection. A highly competitive, always-on local-global-matrix-energized consumer electronics business. The granite wall of disappointment for many of us is merchant rejection in the cruel language of “no!” It is pressure, heavy tolling and trolling pressure that causes my personal intense sobriety to eat less, work longer: fight harder. Failure in sales punishes brand productivity and if not corrected becomes a learned and
sustainable product disability. That which can be repaired, can be re-aligned.

Having said this, like you, I am passionate about our consumer electronics business and believe massive opportunity abounds daily especially around emerging digital content provisions. The axiom of my words compliments all CE manufacturers, retailers and channel partners for their incredible sales determination and aggressive push-to-pull CE successes for decades. These words remind us that selling is not for the faint of heart, not for the unprepared. Regarding the power of push and pull in the language of digital content I am proud to report over 10,000 views for my recent video interview with Frank Radice from RedTouch Media seen here:

In my early days, food was my personal guerdon. Thirty plus years ago food was my insulation, protection and consistent reward for failing. Food helped and supported me through continual sales rejection. As I fell again and again selling one on one or in front of a large group with sad nervous energy I aggressively rewarded myself with more and more food to offset the pain of failure. Food instantly doctored my pain and anguish for trying so hard, for losing so hard. The tougher the rejection, the more I ate, the more portly, tubby, sluggish, tired and sleepy I became through the day, through my life.

Rejection in sales, for those Spartans determined to win, determined to succeed
painfully triggers the need for some form of personally-balanced, personally-formulated restitution to lick the wounds, to re-strengthen determination, to find a better way. My reward today after the same long hard fought hours, win, lose or draw is a simple one-meal-a-day dinner. My heartfelt reward is dreaming of spending more quality time with my family. Still one meal a day, still early and late hours but now physically fit and business confident for decades in mind, body and competitive sales performance. Now it’s time to give back broadly to those who have the will, the need, the passion to compete,
while they hunger for personal protection and rewards greater than a colossal plate of food.

Peter Weedfald and Frank Radice discuss accelerating opportunities in the language of digital content:

Why do I share these rejection centric thoughts? I share to respect, herald and word-reward sales champions throughout our consumer electronics marketplace who keep the pain of rejection secretly tucked inside their heart and mind. To catalyst CE manufacturer and retailer commanders to invest early, to train the young determined who struggle to find their way on how to best muscle through rejection. Best commanded through professional selling skills; not through overeating food aggressively or left to whatever personal protection they may deploy to off-set selling rejection, off-set personal pressure, off-set the fear of failure.

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