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In sales, if you want to be the leader and you desire personal and team greatness, then you must act and perform like a sales and marketing leader. It amazes me that some manufacturers and retailers with very good legacy-stewarded brands, in congress with market-equitable price points, are losing competitive ground, growth and opportunity-share across our highly fertile consumer electronics marketplace.

Peter Weedfald enjoyed a great opportunity for a keynote presentation on creating connected content.

Sales leadership as defined through merchant consensus is the ability to influence, stimulate and energize others to focus on and accomplish a greater united goal. Highly effective sales leaders plan, influence, energize and upgrade a common goal into a dream, enveloped around one team, one mutually beneficial and achievable partnership. True when selling to retail merchant teams, true when selling a consumer at the last three feet of the sale in a brick or virtual aisle, true in selling our own points of view within our
personal lives.

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We know and understand that a sale will be made today. In fact we know a sale will be made every day, every minute. Either “I will sell you or you will sell me.” Either we will sell a consumer on our brands’ features, benefits and pricing or they will sell us on just why not. Either we will sell a merchant on our brands’ features, benefits and pricing or they will sell us on just why not. The desired sales zenith is a perfect quid quo pro where we gladly and profitably sell each other. A fruitful transaction between buyer and seller where each party assigns and heralds a higher value to what it receives than what it provides.

Peter Weedfald enjoyed a video interview at CES 2014 with very smart and savvy Frank Radice on the future of content.

The moment either side smells, detects or assumes the transaction is deked or is a cui bono where the benefit for one heavily outweighs the benefit for the other the deal is dead, the opportunity for mutually beneficial sales leadership and market opportunity is lost. This dismal conclusion is true for any brand, any product, any salesperson. To extend, especially in selling any brand: We must ensure the right product is for sale at the right price in the right place with the right financial and emotional capital gainfully and emotionally exchanged.

The most effective sales people I have been honored to run with, learn from and/or reveal a balanced sales benediction which creates and energizes greatness for their brands, products and team members. They serve logic, relevance and high creative value to all they partner with as well as to all whom they compete with. They effectively know that selling logic makes a prospect think about potential opportunity. They also smartly know serving
creativity through emotional capital stimulates immediate action, best closes the sale. Educating a prospect with the dignity of knowledge without motivating them emotionally simply creates smarter prospects who may purchase from another. Logical-capital plus emotional-capital whether in face to face selling, through advertising, social networking or communications equals a sturdy and defensible sale today as well as tomorrow.

Peter Weedfald and Paul Meyhoefer working together with Walmart stores to build market opportunity.

Through our rapidly evolving and hyper-changing shiny electronic products and across our rapidly evolving commoditization of nearly same products and pricing, opportunity abounds for best of breed sales professionals. Below are ten principled and purposed characteristics of sales leaders designed to re-shape and muscle up mediocre opportunities into flourishing partnerships. They re-shape brand positions into pylons of product opportunity while simultaneously de-fuel competitors through smarter unionization of business logic and emotional capital. I suggest these principles are effective and valued through all areas of sales, marketing and communications, within any physical or cloud consumer location:

1.    Mission Prepared: they logically and creatively know and offer more about the market, buyers, competition and advantaged product features than their prospect is aware of, than their competition is capable of.

2.    Quiet Time: they listen logically and creatively to capitalize on silence evoked to learn, to project, to excel confidence in smart, highly relevant and valuable response.

3.    Questions Are The Answers: they ask logical and creative questions to stimulate mutual partnership in thinking, planning and dreaming about the art of the united possible.

4.    Smarter Assets: they deliver logical and creative brand, product, social and marketing assets to over stimulate considered opportunities versus competitors who cannot or will not do the same.

5.    Relevant Focus: they state, intend and deliver mutually profitable focus and deliverables for their prospect who in turn, in kind, deliver short and long term profitable engagements.

6.    Profit Is Good: they understand and pronounce through logic and creative disciplines the importance and righteous reality of profiting from a mutual exchange of goods, services and great united will.

7.    Challenge To Win: they challenge themselves, challenge their prospects, challenge their own company to be business logical and market creative to ensure profitable realization for both sides of the table.

8.    Unleash Capacity: they never punish productivity with words like “market conditions or price challenged.” They instead find the logical or creative market fissure to stimulate and benefit mutual results.

9.    Creativity Creates Advantage: they know that aggressive brand, product and sales creativity seeds and feeds market advantage. They create to abate market losses, competitive market advantage.

10. Communicate To Stimulate: they communicate often, smartly, with
economy of language and purpose designed to jointly muscle up the logic and
creativity of a rapidly changing CE marketplace.

Peter Weedfald is president of Gen One Ventures and author of Green Reign

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