Green Reign Leadership’s Second Edition Printing

I am very proud and most grateful to announce the second edition printing of my book Green Reign Leadership. As many colleagues and friends have asked me, below is a
short synopsis of the book’s intended principles. Also included are available locations to purchase the hard, soft or downloadable version of Green Reign Leadership along with many positive and energizing reader reviews.

the mission: Green Reign Leadership respectfully yet aggressively shares august-organizational-leadership principles based upon decades of observations, tried and proven results.

the offer: Green Reign Leadership offers business executives as well as senior sales and marketing managers lessons, principles and rules to muscle up their personal leadership foundation. The book portrays and docents precise, advantaged leadership practices defined as the dominant force to competitive advantage.

the insights: The short chapters are designed as a sharing and training insights manual for all direct reports to strengthen leadership resolve, to develop smart, effective internal and external styles of highly effective customer and market engagements.

the navigation: Is designed for easy reading across a variance of leadership responsibilities designed to energize, stimulate, strengthen and promulgate leadership disciplines reflective to each individuals career and role experiences.

Presenting Green Reign Leadership principles to executives of Forrester Research.

the leadership: It is all about leadership in the language of competitive advantage; urbane leadership lessons and principals designed to fortify and energize you, your team, your profitable business results.

the actions: In essence, great leaders have a rugged constitution with boundless sensitivity. Be clear, be concise, be intelligent, be bold, be relevant, be open, be passionate… but mostly be trust worthy through your actions and discipline as the leader. In order to become a world class leader you must first and foremost act like a leader.

the decision: There is proven history of quicksilver business decisions which time can prove to be the foundation and underpinnings of fallen leadership, fallen companies.  Green Reign Leadership docents business judgment, critical thinking, sales motivation, sales comprehension and overall company leadership in the language of advantage.

Delivering Green Reign Leadership keynote presentation during Jasco Corporation's annual sales and marketing summit.

the truth: Is best recognized and keenly anointed through leadership discipline, mutual trust, unyielding integrity, refulgent passion, the dignity of knowledge: caring, sharing and daring to exceed a united goal.

the purchase: Click below for just a few purchase locations. A portion of all proceeds are donated to a variety of children charities. Thank you very much for your kind support!

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Peter Weedfald is president of Gen One Ventures and author of Green Reign Leadership.

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