Ellen Earns The Oscar For Brand Creativity!

Ellen DeGeneres  is a glowing example of relevant, breakthrough brand creativity. She perfectly represents a confluence of creativity and relevancy through her core sellable assets: Comedy, variety, acting, impactful actions and reactions. During her second hosting stint at the Oscars on Sunday, Ellen creatively orchestrated and effectuated her ambient brand arsenal. She mesmerized the room, enchanted and energized a star-hungry and panting viewing planet.

Creatively ordering sloppy pizza for the Hollywood elite while motivating them gingerly to want it and to eat it in their best dresses is creative and relevant brand genius. Creatively gathering a gaggle of movie legends for a selfie behind a beautiful and glowing Samsung Galaxy smartphone while simultaneously earning a record of nearly 2 million tweets while shutting down Twitter globally is brand genius. All aggregated purposefully to lasso creativity across our planet, not just across the room.

Peter Weedfald and William Shatner discuss Star Trek fans known as "the collective," those clinging to the stilts of breakthrough creativity in space, the final frontier.

This is what sales and marketing legends are all about: creativity and imagination allows any brand to flourish, to pull consumers to take action, not to expensively push them around to care. Ellen did not push anyone in the room or across our green Earth. Instead she powerfully pulled everyone to her glowing brand, to her very smart creative fireball. She went beyond our legacy challenges of taking or making a market through B2B or B2C strategies. Ellen made and fueled a C2C (consumer to consumer) social market tsunami right before our learning eyes, fueled and muscled up globally through the mighty burnish of her brand creativity.

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