“Who Are You And What Will You Become in 2014?”

It would not be hard to define business opportunity through the varying  orchestrations and melodic personalities of musicians from years past, from even  today. To succeed in music, within any style, there always needs to be a unique product (music) proposition. Or maybe not.

Perhaps when Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey of The Who first joined musical forces back in 1964, they were not worried or planning “uniqueness”- rather, they were simply energized by their single driving force and determination in the language of “expression.”
Perhaps heralded and anointed musical superstars find preference through bi-modal uniqueness and expression. Not by planning this brand-centric union, but rather created naturally through audience demand and preference warmly, yet coldly memorialized in the language of product sales. Consumers then socially magnet and amplify their brand preference in music creating consumer muscled command, building protracted market demand.

Pete Townshend, Peter Weedfald, Roger Daltrey, Frances & Tara Weedfald celebrate music, together.

Well, what about us, not specifically in the music business rather in the consumer electronics and or retail business? What about us, managing the daily cold steel of the P&L?  Or hunting for brand success, pining for market opportunity, balancing between
competitors’ unique products, expressive advertising and the daily competitive price point pressures of… scorched-margin demands! Hey, what about us? Just what is the best way to express our brand expression and uniqueness versus competitors, express our unique products in the language of consumer benefits and consumer demand. How do we pull consumer demand to us so they know who we are, why we are and why we matter in their lives?

For us, in any business, with any product or service offerings, we know the gravitas, the
driving force to ensure success is one word, “focus.” Focus defines the mission, focus expresses and matures profitable boundaries, focus ensures market relevancy, focus mitigates competitive muscle, focus is in itself brand strategy. I highly suggest that Pete and Roger have been globally successful through these same brand principles that catalyst consumer electronics and or any other market opportunity.

Pete TownShend of The Who and Peter Weedfald comparing creativity in music to creativity in business.

Since most of us are not rock and roll, hip-hop or magical musical artists (although it is always nice to dream and trust me I do) we remain business-focused on ten tectonic steps to ensure formidable market and profit advantage. This ensures our most formidable and
valued brand and product expressions will create market opportunity, team focus as our most valued competitive advantage. Defining just who you are, who your brand and products promise to be to both retailers and consumers sets the stage for market advantage. Gen One Ventures’ ten essential principles to command brand dominance include your ability to: to continue reading please click here:  http://t.co/xZ3eZLXpvC

Peter Weedfald introducing The Who in NYC at The Gotham Hall.


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