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12 Principals To Boost Brand Value & Company Earnings

Easy to say isn’t it? Brilliant as an opening line by a CEO, CFO, COO or of course the Chief Marketing Officer: “when we boost our brand’s short and long term value, competitive dominance and market demand, we will boost our … Continue reading

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Always “Living On The Edge”…

“Living On The Edge” A song by Arrowsmith and Steven Tyler “Tell me what you think about your sit-u-a-tion Complication – aggravation… Is getting to you” I was recently asked by a formidable and successful CEO just what, in my … Continue reading

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“Good-Buy or Good-Bye?”

“Product Depth or Product Death?” Amongst hyper changing short product life cycles is mammoth push and pull opportunity. Proven again and again through the formidable likes of Samsung Electronics, Apple, MONSTER Cable, Intel, HTC, Amazon and certainly a few more. … Continue reading

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The Wonder & Thunder of Leadership…

I believe all of us at one time or another have been pachyderms. Sensitive to our raw feelings and emotions, improvising our defensive response and reactions unnaturally, unhappily. Frankly, we should be appreciative for those “leaders” past who ridiculed us, … Continue reading

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