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“Who’s Your Angel?”

We would not be here today if not for the heartfelt muscle and perforce determination to protect America by our fallen military troops. We memorialize, lament and appreciate our heaven living Angel protectors each and every day, especially once a … Continue reading

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“Radio Heads Should Invest To Aggress…”

Based on my personal demand to help support a highly talented and audience demanded radio personality Joey Reynolds, a great friend, I did some primary radio research to ensure my resolve. I hate to be the “master of the obvious” … Continue reading

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“The Granite Wall”…

With intense sobriety, I say it’s true: “we either obsolete ourselves or our competition will obsolete us.” And frankly, if you do not have a competitor, you should consider inventing one. Perhaps create a new sub brand or sub product designed … Continue reading

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“Give Me More, Give Me More”…

“Give Me More, Give Me More!” There are a multitude of dramatic shifts in our lives as smart products and applications shrink our planet, change the way our personal and business worlds engage and simultaneously reconfigure how we business react … Continue reading

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